The shrimp's heart is in its head?

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A shrimps heart is located on its head. But if we will base it on the exact anatomy of a shrimp, its heart is located on its thorax just after the head, but both the head and the thorax are covered with a single exoskeleton only, that is why the shrimps thorax can be mistaken as still part of the shrimps head. But in general, we see a shrimp divided only into 2 parts, the head and the tail, we see no thorax in it. With that we can still say that a shrimps heart is on its head. 

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Are you having trouble differentiating shrimps from prawns?
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Shrimp or Prawn?
There is often confusion regarding the difference between a shrimp and a prawn. Physically they look very similar but there is one sure way to tell them apart. In shrimps or carideans the side plate of the second segment of the abdomen overlaps the segments in front and behind. Prawns, most of which belong to the family Penaeidae of the group Dendrobranchiata, have all the abdominal side plates overlapping tile-like from the front. A more fundamental difference but one impossible to appreciate in a single specimen is that female prawns do not brood eggs but shed them into the currents where they develop independently. It would therefore make sense to call all member s of the Penaeidae "prawns" and members of the Caridean "shrimps".

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